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Go Green This Earth Day

Go Green This Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, lead your workplace in going green by championing these initiatives:

⋅ Launch computer energy saving measures.

Set computers to go into sleep mode when unused for a certain amount of time and shut down computers when leaving for the day.Earth day

⋅ Save paper and lower printing costs.

Avoid printing in color unless necessary and use a printer that does double-sided copying.

⋅ Reduce paper waste.

Keep copies of important emails and files saved on the computer, review documents online rather than printing them and have checks directly deposited.

⋅ Purchase recycled paper products for your office.

Equip your office with recycled products including restroom and kitchen paper towels and toilet paper. Many recycled products are priced competitively with non-recyclable materials, in some cases, even cheaper.

⋅ Learn more about Sustainable Restoration.

ServiceMaster NCR practices sustainable restoration in two fundamental ways:

– Extended drying: Water damaged materials are at risk for mold growth with time being the classic enemy. With the use of InstaScope we can dry longer and in-place, saving walls and floors, while making certain contaminants are not present. This means less disruption, less cost, and less waste of materials.

– Mold Remediation: the Trifect method. Using Trifect we can save 90% of porous material rather than removing and replacing it. Call us at (703) 212-7000 for more information.



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